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Why We Can Become Your Ideal Partners

For 15 years, on a 24/7 basis, we work tirelessly in order to provide our clients with unique solutions aiming at their success and evolution. We invest our earnings in the most efficient way so that we can provide services that are actually worth more than they cost. We observe the international market, searching for what our clients will and might need and according to that, we develop software and provide solutions making our clients sure and satisfied for choosing us. Therefore, you can save time, contact us and make today your first order in Angellight. Do you need more information about the features that we can provide you with?

General information

basic information and highlights of our partnership

  1. Human-centric philosophy - we treat our partners on a personal level, aiming at their evolution and growth.
  2. Multi-year experience - angellight is a company having a history of 18 years and now is gladly serving clients in more than 12 European countries.
  3. Automations & technology - each day we develop and evolve our software and our systems, in order to provide you with complex technical procedures in the most easy and reliable way within seconds or a few minutes using just a few mouse clicks.
  4. Offers & Sales -  we offer our clients new services on discount regularly, depending on the amount of services requested by each one of them, thus rewarding them for their preference to our company.
  5. Automated Billing - we provide you with a fully automated e-billing system which is capable of electronic invoice issuing, printing and sending invoices in PDF format with just one click through our user panel interface.
  6. Customizable services & managing software - according to the individual needs of every each of our clients and partners, we design and develop on a daily basis the features and set up of all services, by programming new automation systems in order for our clients to have immediate support through our user's control panel.
  7. No middlemen & unnecessary costs - angellight is an official reseller of top notch software companies. By using their immediate wholesale pricelist and by transferring proportionate sales prices to our clients and our resellers, we ensure competitive prices for all services and high resell potential.
  8. Money back guarantee - for shared hosting services and for any justified reason, we offer the option of early service termination and refund, thus giving you a sense of security for your interests in any case.
  9. Privacy protection - our company treats the privacy and the protection of your personal data as top priority by prohibiting their use for advertising purposes. We also offer tools for handling newsletters and sms text messages.
  10. No hidden costs - we offer our services and products, in a fair, clear and transparent manner without any hidden additional charges.
  11. Competitive prices - we observe the market on a daily basis and modify our price-list accordingly, so as to provide our clients with fair competitive prices equivalent to the quality of services we offer.

User control Panel

the ultimate tool

  1. Personal user's pricelist - personal, dynamic price-list for each user using online calculation of services requested, according to the active discounts offered to you per each individual product and service.
  2. Adding credits system - tool for adding money as credits on your account, which you can use for future transactions (registering or renewing products and services).
  3. Partners' promotions - by adding you in our clients’ and partners’ page, and offering you the option to setup your profile as well as a hot link on your page, you achieve a mutual increase in page hits and optimize your search engine rank.
  4. Project management - workflow management system that allows you to organize, register content, communicate and get updates about projects shared with us.
  5. Partners' system - as our partner you will be experiencing a rewarding system based on your sales and the reference of our company to your visitors and clients. This way you can achieve either a discount on your next renewal or an automatic deposit of your sales rates profit directly to your bank account.
  6. Resellers' system - as a reseller you will have access to software which you can include on your web page that allows you to order products and services for your clients, using PayPal or bank transfer as payment options.
  7. Authorised service access - an option that allows you to authorize anyone or a partner of our company as an administrator of your project, allowing him this way to have secure access through login data to your services control panel.
  8. Permissions management system - a system to create SSH code used to remotely repair and confirm the correct groups, ownerships and permissions for Joomla CMS and CS-Cart, along their installation through cPanel or Plesk.
  9. ACE convertion - conversion of a Unicode Greek domain name to Punycode in order to be utilized in web hosting services as main, add on or parked domain.
  10. IP lookup - this tool finds and projects your IP address in order to be used in firewall or apache allow/deny settings.
  11. Profile edit - allows you to edit your contact data in Greek and English, also gives your reseller id code, affiliate id, credit balance, customer service representative, as well as activate/deactivate and receive information through newsletter and sms text messaging.
  12. Invoicing settings - you can set a user type as a private or company user and set invoicing details using live vat number verification. Administrators - adding additional users with access and administration rights on your account with additional access rights on separate sectors of your account.
  13. Password change - a tool to change your password using password strength calculator.

Domain Names

Registrations & full administration of domain names with additional tools.

  1. Registration - registration of domestic domain extensions ending in gr, com.gr, net.gr, org.gr, edu.gr, gov.gr as official, authorized registrars by EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission) as well as International domain extensions ending in com, eu, net, org, biz, info and more.
  2. Free transfer - free of charge domain name transfers for .gr domains and discounted prices for mass transfers of other TLDs domain names.
  3. Simplyfied mass transfer - send us the list of domain names that you wish to transfer to us and we will study and analyze what is needed for each domain, contact current registrars if needed, in order to facilitate the transfer for in a hassle-free way.
  4. Aproval control - owner's contact details control by our staff in order to ensure registration approval for .gr domains.
  5. Free Hosting - free cPanel hosting with every domain name registration or transfer, with the ability of an under construction web page and free email account.
  6. Discounts - additional discounts for registrations and renewals on over 10, 20, 50, 100 and 1000 domains.
  7. Bulk search - bulk search for registration availability with additional domain names per TLD.
  8. Bulk Transfer - bulk domain name transfers with the additional option of setting authorization codes for each domain.
  9. Bulk Renewals - domain names ordering system based on expiration date and ability to select them for mass renewal.
  10. Search filters - search your domain names list based on name of partial name of a domain.
  11. NameServers administration - changing and adding additional nameservers.
  12. NameServers registrations - register and administer or delete private nameservers (child nameservers) of ns1.yourdomain.gr type.
  13. Viewing filters - view active, pending registration or expiration, expired and also view sorted alphabetically, or per cost, or per date of registration and/or expiration.
  14. Domain secret authorisation code - view domain secret authorization code in order to be able to immediately transfer it to other registrars.
  15. Selling - indicate a domain as for sale with the option of setting a price and description.
  16. Owner contact details - add and alter contacts, in order to be used as domain names registrants.

Web Hosting

Hosting services that satisfy every need of system and network resources.

  1. Network availability - we offer our services through multiple ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Level 3, Global Crossings, LambdaNet, Deutsche Telekom, DE-CIX and ECIX, ensuring more than a 99.9% rate of network availability.
  2. Processing power - with servers of 2 multi-core high timing Intel Xeon processors that have maximum processing power for the high processing needs of demanding web sites.
  3. 100% Genuine system Resources - The system resources such as hard disk space, bandwidth, processing power and memory, that are provided to you through the web hosting service, are 100% genuine, based on our strict policy against overselling, often used on the market by providing and promising virtual and unlimited resources.
  4. Unified access credentials - in order to access the Control Panel and the tools we provide you, your email and a secure password are enough since we have created a chained transfer of access credentials between separate subsystems to the main Control Services Panel.
  5. Firewall Security - for hosting services, we have integrated the use of a powerful Firewall in order to protect your files from any attempt of hacking, such as brute forcing, flood attack, etc.
  6. Software upgrades - we care on daily basis for the servers that serve you to have installed the latest software versions, providing maximum security against new types of hacking attacks. Our network engineers have experience in security departments, banking software and ISP. Also as representatives of companies who have developed the software that manages your VPS, we have direct communication access to a higher level technical software support.
  7. Installation of limited number of packages per server - the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that are provided to you are installed on servers after a thorough research on the available system resources, so that each server can serve a limited number of users, thus providing them the highest quality.
  8. Free features upgrade - by keeping any hosting plan to our company, you receive free updates whenever we change features, adding free extra disk space, bandwidth, processing power, memory etc.
  9. Security against abusing resources - every day we care by protecting the hosting servers from users who exceed the reasonable usage limits of the system resources, such as processing power and memory, ensuring this way consistent quality resources regardless of the time and use of a server load.
  10. Change your hosting package without any interruption - we offer you the option to upgrade your package within the next minutes, as well as transferring a virtual private server to a new server by maintaining your dedicated IP, without any interruption, guaranteeing you that all guests or clients of your web pages will enjoy our services regardless of their number and transfers.
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