VoIP PBX - SIP Trunk

Forget whatever was well-known about fixed telephony and financially local multi-line and ISDN call centers. Now you can lead your company to a new era easily, directly, qualitatively, ecologically with unlimited communication. Angellight's PBX services simply cover any potential need for call center communication to cover companies from 10 to 10,000 employees.

Smart Telephony Services for Smart Businesses

With the angellight PBX, you can install telephones in multiple locations and simultaneously on mobile phones via WiFi or 3G / 4G. Communication between mobile phones, installed phones, and telephony programs is free, unlimited and with high-definition HD.

Connect multiple offices and mobile phones to your employees, or take your phones at home. Your customer will not know which country in the world or what state you are when you answer a call. Accept phone calls everywhere: on the road, on your vacation or at your summerhouse . Wherever you have internet, you also have a phone. Travel around the world and make free calls with your internal network with the same phone and just the same outgoing call charges.

You will be able to outsource your areas of business by outsourcing subservices to other companies in your country or abroad, for example by promoting your customer support from your vendors with the ability to hide your identity.

Stop missing phone calls because you were absent from your office or because you had more than one parallel call than you could answer or serve or just because you could not provide 24-hour support. All incoming calls can be forwarded to another phone, recorded and routed to your eMail or stored so that you are able to call your customers back when you are available.

Multiple Datacenter

Our telephony service is provided by servers in 12 countries for excellent global coverage.

Management Tools

We provide live full control over your phone calls.

Automation of Communication

Special software and automation to connect your ERP / CRM to the call center.

Effective Support

We ensure that our services are perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

Global Coverage, Economy of Resources and Energy

Register phone numbers from other countries and connect them to your PABX, allowing your customers abroad to call you at a local charge. The angellight PBX is ideal for companies that export products or provide global services.

Reduce the cost of your communication, the power consumption, the noise from numerous sub-devices in your office, and give your business unlimited telephony capabilities with simplicity, reliability and completeness.

Key Features & Capabilities

  • to unlimited devices / workstations
  • Unlimited communication between your offices and mobile phones
  • Unlimited phone numbers from around the world
  • call forwarding on internal devices or on external lines
  • Parallel multi-user calling for virtual meeting / conference
  • separate answering machine per user / device or workstation
  • unlimited routing possibilities
  • recording of telephone numbers and recording of calls
  • Sending recorded messages to eMail
  • easy recording of new call center messages
  • incoming and outgoing calls through your present computers with a free program without the need to supply new phones
  • announce hours and business hours with automatic change of phone settings
  • Detailed reports of internal and external communication movements of users

Free Support High Definition Codec

We support in addition to basic and high definition codecs like the G722

High Network Speeds & Minimal Response

We provide the unique technology of dynamic choice of the fastest connection path

We do not use Cloud

Our network is enterprise class A and not mass-type low quality cloud

Best Global Cost per Second

With specific 5 decimal places of the euro, we change the meaning of charge by second.

Additional Features

  • connect to your customer database to identify and view a name on incoming calls
  • Recording from professional, orthopedic speakers, personal input messages or client updates from your call center
  • In-house chat service for internal communications or corporate updates

PBX Package Features

  • personal system resources (not shared cloud resources) on latest generation multi-core servers for speed-dial phone connections and keeping high-definition on any interphone or external call
  • managed support with the ability to register unlimited support bills
  • automatic backup at regular intervals
  • powerful firewalls and preinstalled security tools
  • Upgrade to a larger package with more processing power or memory, without interruption
  • cPanel Hosting