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Terms of Use describe the equitable operation and use, for technical security and legal protection of our network and its users.

In the following page, angellight Services Ltd with VAT Number CY10258563A is referred as "Network" and the customer, or collaborator, to which the network provides services, is referred as "User". The present terms are considered acceptable by the user, with the initiation of operations, transfer from other network or with a service upgrade from the network and act like a private contract on each legal process. Users that do not agree with the present terms, must not use the services of that network. The network provides services in users in many countries and for supporting users in countries with increased demands, it assigns representations or collaborates with approved partners, which places in authority per country. Support partners do not represent legally the network, but have access in the elements that are required for providing effective services to users under their competence. The management and protection of users personal data, comprehend in the terms of the present chapter as well as in the relative provisions of European Legal Act about the protection of individual and the protection of personal data. The present terms are formulated to include the rapid growth of technology and more specifically the networks, as of the existing, if not completely developed, mesh of legal regulations regarding those matters. In this frame, any potential relative regulation will be the subject of the present chapter. In every case, the network maintains the right of change of present terms in the existing or potential legal frame.

Personal Details

For any service activation, the user declares in the network his accurate and valid communication information. The network has the right to communicate with the user with correspondence, e-mail or via telephone, on any matter concerns his services. Network maintains users personal data confidentially according to the relative regulations and they can apprise to authorities or in third persons, only in the event of offence of legal rights of third persons or in the event that the user has committed illegal acts. The network maintains the right of use of personal information for briefing or informing on new services, upgrades or offers. Each user has the right of de-activation of relative briefings. The declared contact elements are used as elements of the holder for new domain names that the user orders. The personal information, in no case are notified in third party for advertising reasons. The declared, through the Service Management Panel, elements are considered the elements of the holder of the service that is provided by the network. The present is not in effect for domain names, where the holder is considered the declared in the elements of the domain handle. The network can provide support only in the holder of the service and not in third parties that are not declared in the Service Management Panel, as holders or administrators of service. In the event that a user changes the elements of property/user, through the Service Management Panel, the network considers the new elements as elements of the holder and it does not receive as correct his initial, but replaced elements.

General Terms of Use and Acceptable Hosted Content

The network has no responsibility for the content which is uploaded or publish by users in their personal pages and web hosting. Other users visit those personal pages with their personal responsibility. If the network receives notice that the content of some pages or web hosting that is under the networks services, it offends third parties or violates personal data of third parties, the network maintains the right to proceed immediately and without warning, in interruption or deletion of relative pages of the users that proceeded in the relative upload or publication. The present is in effect for texts, photographs, pictures, sound files, video files and any other content that a user can upload or publish in his personal pages. The network maintains the right of deletion of files that are redistributed without relative authorization, as well as the distribution of illegal or dangerous software that is probably distributed by the user. Starting using with parallel acceptance of the terms of this page, the user agrees that the page or pages, or his secondary web hosting accounts do not contain:

  1. Illegal pornographic material (licensed from the responsible authorities or relative shops, are excluded), empathy propaganda, invective language, wretched material or act.
  2. Material that offends third parties, included intellectual rights (in software, pictures, texts, music and remaining activities).
  3. Material that threatens, underestimates, it harasses, offends the privacy or human rights, is vulgar, improper or illegal, or it refers penal offence.
  4. Material that prompts, encourages or it provides directives on the performance of punishable actions.
  5. Software or more generally material that contains viruses, causes problems, or affects harmful or devastatingly.

Domain Names

For the registrations of domain names, the system uses the declared from the user elements as elements of domain name holder. Every user, after the registration of a domain name, can check and confirm the elements of property of a domain name through relative message of each registrant or through the Service Management Panel of the network and make an objection in the event that he wishes to register it in other elements of property. For domain names with gr extension, the network can erase and register again a domain name with new elements of property, without debit, inside 3 days from the day of initial registration. Changing the elements property for domain names with gr extension, is considered transfer of property and is payable act, according to the present price list of the network, at the date of the domain name property transfer demand. International extensions, as com, net and org, provide the change of property elements free of charge and the user can change the property elements through the Service Management Panel of the network or with relative demand to the network. For specific extensions, as domains with extension eu, the change of property elements is considered transfer of property and in every case payable act. For domain name transfer demands in other networks or registrars, the network is compelled to allow and to support technically a transfer, inside 7 weekday days, provided that do not exist non-acquitted accounts to the user (Service Management Panel). The network maintains the right of reject a transfer or refusal of technical support for a domain name transfer, in users that have economic rest or maintain accounts in suspense et non-acquitted in their account (in the Service Management Panel). For any claim of property between users of the network or third users except network, are on registrant's authority.

General Terms for Shared & Dedicated Hosting

As shared hosting we name the service that is provided through webhosting plans that are installed in a common server, of which the resources are shared, in order to cover their needs of operation. Those plans are Earth, Sound, Light Ultra and x-Ray. For the servers that provide webhosting, the network attends the high safety in a lot of sectors with assiduity in hardware and software. Despite the security measures of the network, the user can install his unknown software in shared or dedicated hosting. The network is not responsible for potential security risks for which software is accountable. Each and every user is responsible to upgrade the installed software with security updates and to oversee for the use of complex access codes and secure file permissions of his files.

Shared Hosting & Hardware Resource Abusing

In each server, is installed a concrete number of webhosting plans, for the maintenance of satisfactory percentage of system resources per user. Users that use great amount of resources, disproportionate in the rate of proportion of resources per user, can cause abuse of resources. The abuse of resources is placed as term after possessed and daily use of disproportionate presentence of resources given per user. In this case, the network is compelled to inform the user via email and it maintains the right to interrupt provisionally his account, if the abuse is so much, so that it causes problems in the providing service in other users of same server. The user that does abuse of resources can be called to correct the problem of consumption, that can be caused of website security holes from use of uncertain software, big traffic, sending emails to big list of registered users, or use of software with great needs of system resources. The user can request from the network, statistics for the system resources, regarding to his webhosting plan, that will help him in the resolution of the given problem. If the user declares that he has found and he will solve the problem, the network can reactivate his account in closed with the user environment, up to documentation of resolution of problem from the user. After the reactivation of his webhosting plan, if the abuse of system resources is continued, the network can re-interrupt his account, until he upgrades to a bigger, respectively with the needs of resources needed, service or in contact with the user, change the primary domain for alternative use of the plan.

Money Back Guarantee & Credits

The money back guarantee is the refund credit of a shared webhosting plan purchase, it can be ordered from the 1st up to 30th day after the quittance of corresponding Proforma Note/Invoice.
It is in effect for shared web hosting plans purchases, with paid off Proforma Note/Bill, for which has not been published corresponding invoice. For the refund, essential is a notification of the reason of the refund demand and the agreement of the responsible representative of the network, that will receive the money back demand and cancellation of the web hosting plan. The refund can be completed in 5 weekdays, in banking account or PayPal account. After the publication of the invoice or with the payment of a proforma note/bill for services with no money back guarantee, the money back as transaction or the cash money back, can't take place. For any other reason money back is ordered with the agreement with the responsible representative of the network, in the user account can be added money, as credit rest for use in future orders or renewals of network services.

Hosting Service Backup

All shared web hosting plans, provide capability to create a full backup of the web hosting plan and its contents. The network maintains security backups to guarantee data protection .Those backup files are not available to users with exception to users that have purchased the relative service (auto backup). Network can restore backup files for users that have supplied the relative service or for users that can supply the network with their personal backup file for restoration. Network is not compelled to maintain backups and to provide the option of restoration for all users. For Virtual Private Servers, the network maintains backups per regular time intervals, which are available from the user/administrator, for restoration at any moment, without moreover debit or additional cost.

Illegal Use

In case a user commits illegal act as spamming, brute forcing attack, hacking, dos attacking and other illegal invasion methods to other IPs, the network has the right to interrupt or delete the responsible account. Account suspension or removal is independent of a user's knowledge or accepted responsibility of the illegal act. As spamming, we consider the mass transmission of electronic messages to unknown and/or not registered internet users, that have email account, without their wish. In case of illegal use, the network maintains the right to inform the responsible authorities about the actions of illegal use and the contact details of the responsible user.

Data Protection

Our network provides services with use of high quality hardware and security safeguards for the data protection, as backups in alternative gateways and in removed localities, the high access level in the supplying building, the fire detectors and the automatic firefighting system. Coping using mirroring method, in a second or third disk is also a way to guarantee data integrity. In the event of total destruction of the data center or router that is used for supplying services to the users, for unverifiable reasons or natural destruction, the network does not bring responsibility in a chance of data loss or in the event of lateness of restoration from new hardware. All our services provide backup aid for additional security of your data, in your local network.

Managed & Unmanaged Support

For Virtual Private Server plans we provide two different types of support, managed and unmanaged. Unmanaged support includes hardware support as in all web hosting services the network provides. Hardware replacement guarantee and support are included in case of a breakdown, within a few hours and any other action needed, so the user’s IP will be accessible via SSH (command line). In VPS with unmanaged support, the network is not responsible for resolving issues that concerns the installed operating system or software. In the event of relative support ticket from the user, the network has the right not to register the ticket for resolution or study from the responsible department. The service of managed support, includes technical support of basic functionality problems of the operating system or installed software/control panel that’s provided form the network. The service does not cover subjects that concern moreover installed software, for which the user must be addressed to its publisher for support. The service includes resolution or information of way of resolution of subjects and no mass actions and work for secondary users or secondary accounts installed from the user.

Service Renewals

For the renewal of services is not required by the user additional demand. For the renewal of each service is published automatically proforma note/notification, which in the event of not refunding, can place automatically a service in suspension (provisional interruption), 3 days after the due date of the service. For Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers, if the user doesn’t wish a renewal, the user should inform the network 15 days before. Alternatively, the cost for the next renew circle, or for the first month of next renewal circle, in agreement with the responsible representative of network, the user is considered to be charged because of software licenses that are used. The network has the right of deletion of service, without responsibility of recuperation of data, 30 days after the due date of service.

Network Obligations

The network, for active and paid off services, is compelled to provide network access for management of the provided services. It is compelled to provides the option of internet reception of messages and support demands, the time response of which it depends from the support representative of each country and from the number of demands in suspense to answer. The network is not compelled to solve support demands via telephone, neither to maintain telephone support. The technical department maintains priority order for the best possible service of all demands. The telephone support causes problems in the correct management of priority order.