Complete, Authentic & Economic

We provide hosting services on cPanel - using 32 high frequency cores - for basic websites, new businesses on the internet and email accounts. With more than 350 free tools you can start today experimenting on your website.


15 €

per 3 months

24 €

per 6 months

38 €

per year

68 €

per 2 years
  • 300 MB
  • 30 GB
  • 1
  • 1
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • 100% Authentic (HP ProLiant Servers)
  • No 1 European Datacenter - datadock
  • A basic package for hosting small websites or for those who wish to start experimenting with shared hosting.


37 €

per 3 months

59 €

per 6 months

95 €

per year

183 €

per 2 years
  • 3 GB
  • 300 GB
  • 6
  • 6
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
  • 100% Authentic (HP ProLiant Servers)
  • No 1 European Datacenter - datadock
  • A unique package for dynamic websites that need high capacity or for those who want to provide eMail account to their company members.

Why choose us for Hosting your Websites

Our services are unique, such as our clients and partners

High Grade Servers & 100% Authentic System Resources

In order to acquire and maintain high grade servers, our company spends money three times more than any average hosting company. We treat our clients and partners with respect and honesty and we are in favor of authentic quality so we say no to the policy of fraudulent and unlimited resources. Ensure high speed and performance for all your visitors in your website with 100% Genuine resources in native 64-bit servers consisted of 32 high frequency cores, high-speed DDR3 or DDR4 Registered RAM and Hardware RAID drives.

Trust a Powerful Ally and Rest Assured about your Data

It is quite difficult to explain in a few lines the quality and the class of security we provide, as it would need a 100 pages study. However, we have handed this study to banks, government agencies and military services and they trusted us part of their network.

Custom Security Software

Our company as a software developer has invented more than 12 security patents, which are applied in order to predict and prevent any risks and attacks of hacking on your website. With being a member of our family, you are protected with an unknown to hackers technology that you cannot find somewhere else.

Firewall & AntiVirus

All our services are provided through powerful firewalls that detect and stop almost all types of attacks. We regularly perform data scans and inform you if your files contain any malicious code.

Constant Upgrades

Every day we check what is new in the field of online security, we upgrade our software and employ the latest techniques to prevent any new attacks. This policy has made us immune to global security risks in the past years

Solutions for an Exceptional, Personal Mail Server

Get your personal eMail account (eg., synchronize it to all your devices (computer, pads, mobile), prevent free providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) from monitoring your messages and have your account free of spamming

eMail Validation & Certification

Optimize your eMail accounts and prevent your messages from being marked as spam when somebody receives them

Protection against Brute Force

All of our hosting services, are protected with software that prevents any attacks and attempts of access to your eMails.

Spam Protection Software & Filters

Take advantage of the free tools we provide on each package, in order to filter annoying spam messages.

24/7 Essential Support with Respect

Our philosophy is fundamentally human-centered. This is why we pay our utmost attention in communicating with and supporting our representatives across 7 countries. By becoming a member of angellight's family, you will experience all of the above.

Live Chat

Support and guidance for our website and systems.

Support Tickets

The most effective way of support with minimum response time.

Call Center

We provide phone support for questions Level 1, through our base in the United Kingdom.

Social Network

We monitor and answer your requests and suggestions in order to optimize our services.

Excellent Quality & 99,9% Uptime

Our infrastructure is installed to the newest and most technologically advanced DataCenter of central Europe - datadock - which uses optical fibers for its communications. With Dual Gigabit network cards, software for sharing connections and a total bandwidth of 720 Gigabit per second, all of your visitors will experience fast and stable loading speed on your website. Your average response ping will be the lowest, worldwide, since all the connections are made through 7 ISPs, which provides 100% Network Uptime.