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And on the ninth day God said; "Let there be Web"


angellight is a company with a history and experience of more than 22 years. Directly or through our advanced reseller network, we respectfully serve, thousands of clients across Europe, America and Japan. Top telcos, multinational corporations and organizations rely on our systems in order to serve their clients in Greece and Cyprus.

Their trust towards our company, is based on our quality policy and continuous development of customized software solutions in order to service our clients in both private and corporate level. We develop our systems for each and every client individually, in order to be their ideal partner and exclusive internet services provider. Our philosophy is fundamentally human-centered and aims to develop and grow our client's and partner's businesses.

“ We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them ”

Albert Einstein

How You Can Benefit

During a harsh economic period, the average business is lead to implement austerity and a diminishing strategies. Companies that were formerly considering their local market as a safe place, are now lead to commercial and economical despair due to high competition.

However, the globalization policy offers opportunities and potential from which local businesses can benefit in order to ascent to a higher level of services and product sales. angellight manages companies, offers advices, supports and promotes such businesses to this higher level.

Our company creates all the necessary conditions in order to increase the annual turnover of businesses by expanding their market, not only to a domestic but to a global level.

For more information and to read some of the reasons why we believe that we can be the ideal provider of network services for you, please click here. In addition, you can visit the reseller services information page by clicking here.

How You Can Benefit

Alpha Bank
Aegean Baltic Bank
Star Channel

Our Fields of Activity

People often ask us about the type, the field of practice of our company and and who are its competitors; a question that is difficult to answer.
If we were a consulting firm, we would give advice and wait for its implementation by our affiliates. Nevertheless, what we do is that we provide advice to businesses so they can reduce their operating costs and increase their annual turnover.

If we were an advertising firm, we would exclusively promote integrated and complete company profiles, which we wouldn't even had designed. Nevertheless, what we do is that we advertise and promote companies on the world market, through powerful internet tools.

If we were a web design firm, we would use ready-made content from another company profile in a different way.

In reality, angellight is a business architect for the safe and successful transition of companies from a seemingly limited commercial reality to the powerful world of e-commerce. We give advice, design, build and host company profiles and promote them in the most efficient way.

In order to implement what we mentioned above and to be effective and accurate in what we promise to our clients/partners, we observe the market and build strategic partnerships with leading professionals for all of our services.

Where other companies see competitors, we see friends and partners. For any new service or product that is out on the market and that might contribute positively in serving our customers, we immediately contact the manufacturer for the launch of a new partnership.

“ You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore ”

Christopher Columbus


Client & Partner Comments

  • I've been amazed by angellight's support... Thank you for your ideas, suggestions and help! I will definitely recommend you to others!

    Panagiotis P. Web Development
  • REMARKABLE DIFFERENCE in performance! Actualization process was taking 2 hours and 30 mins before, now it takes only 38 mins. Congratulations! Optimize Database needed about 1 minute and now it needs only 15 seconds!

  • Hey! are you working around the clock! Wow! Congratulations to you and to all of us who enjoy your exceptional service beyond any expectation!

    Vasilios S. Domain Names
  • Everything works perfect! I am speechless... you have the best support! My warmest congrats!

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