Personal Resources, Scalability & Absolute Management

We provide premium hosting solutions for successful websites, high traffic eShop and web hosting resell services. You can build your own VPS by setting your desired features or you can choose one of the following packages.

Disk Space

Linux VPS Packages

We have created for you unique packages whose features and settings are based on our customers basic needs and maintainance costs.


39,54 €

per month for 2 year cycle
  • The Ultra Package is the next level after shared hosting. When the requirements of a website grow for resources, which have to be reserved to a personal Hostname and Dedicated IP, optimize the identification of your domain and prevent your messages from being marked as spam.
  • 25 GB Disk Space
  • 1 TB Bandwidth per Month
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • 2 έως 4 Processing Cores Native 64-bit
  • CentOS 5/6 64-bit Linux & Free cPanel ή Plesk
  • + Free High Encryption HostName SSL Certificate
  • + Free 75 € worth Google Advertising Coupon
  • Per Month: 65
    3 Months: 188
    6 Months: 283
    1 Year: 520
    2 Years: 949


51,42 €

per month for 2 year cycle
  • The X-Ray Package is the ideal solution for reseller hosting or hosting websites, who demand excessive system resources. Host unlimited web sites having separate control panels, features and names. Available for resellers too. Create your own Nameservers keeping Angellight's identity hidden.
  • 35 GB Disk Space
  • 2 TB Bandwidth per Month
  • 1536 MB RAM
  • 6 έως 8 Processing Cores Native 64-bit
  • CentOS 5/6 64-bit Linux & Free cPanel ή Plesk
  • + Free High Encryption HostName SSL Certificate
  • + Free 75 € worth Google Advertising Coupon
  • Per Month: 75
    3 Months: 219
    6 Months: 376
    1 Year: 660
    2 Years: 1234


68,17 €

per month for 2 year cycle
  • The Angellight Package is the Top solution for reseller hosting or hosting dynamic high traffic websites. Providing up to 12 cores and large memory, this solution ensures the maximum performance of dedicated servers combined by essential features, which sets this package as a stepping stone for dedicated hosting.
  • 70 GB Disk Space
  • 3 TB Bandwidth per Month
  • 2048 MB RAM
  • 10 έως 12 Processing Cores Native 64-bit
  • CentOS 5/6 64-bit Linux & Free cPanel ή Plesk
  • + Free High Encryption HostName SSL Certificate
  • + Free 75 € worth Google Advertising Coupon
  • Per Month: 95
    3 Months: 282
    6 Months: 498
    1 Year: 867
    2 Years: 1636

Absolute Control, High Performance & Scalability

We prepared for you a quality guaranteed service, with hundreds of pre-installed features and settings that ensure speed, functionality and safety. Our Visual Private Servers are considered as top premium services for users who want to make a statement out of their Web presence.

100% Network Uptime

With more than 99.99% average uptime of services and with 100% Network Uptime, be sure that your website and your eMail accounts will always be online. Our servers connect to the internet through 7 ISPs. This means that even if one of the seven stops working, your website will still be available.

Unmatched Performance

Ensure high speed and performance for all your visitors in your website with 100% Genuine resources in native 64-bit servers consisted of 32 high frequency cores, high-speed DDR3 or DDR4 Registered RAM and Hardware RAID drives. We are in favor of authentic quality and we say no to the policy of fraud and unlimited resources.

High Security

Secure your website, files and online services with high security Hardware & Software Firewalls.With daily updates and 24-hour dynamic monitoring connections, our servers provide security against hacking, intrusion, brute forcing and spamming.

24/7 Global Support

Our philosophy is fundamentally human-centered. This is why we pay our utmost attention in communicating with and supporting our representatives across 7 countries. By becoming a member of angellight's family, you will experience all of the above.

Why choose angellight for your Virtual Private Server

Without getting into specific details, which are always available to you by contacting us, we would like to underline the fact that our network engineers have made thorough studies and resulted in compilations that alternate the use of modules and extensions such as Mod SuPHP, Mod Ruid2, Fastcgi, Mod Qos, EAccelerator, Mod Bandwidth, Mod Security, Suhosin, Xcache and others, for maximum performance, reliability and security. We check daily our network automatically and manually to make sure that our quality quarantee characteristics meet the requirements of what we consider standard.

Rendering of services with high frequency multi-core AMD Opteron Processors , that support high power processing and demanding web hosting. Most of the companies in order to provide low cost hosting and be financially viable on market, use low quality hardware and low power processing servers or even legacy servers. By using this kind of hardware there are problems caused to your website ranking in search engines, as well as, slow access and porr impression for your website, which usually leads to a loss of internet sales. Our company respects its customers and uses only high grade hardware to ensure an authentic promising quality to customers - partners - companies.

The system resources such as capacity, traffic, processing power and memory, that are provided to you through the web hosting service, are 100% genuine, based on our strict policy against overselling, often used on the market by providing and promising virtual and unlimited resources.

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that are provided to you are installed on servers after a through research on the available system resources, so that each server can serve a limited number of users providing them the highest quality.

For every Virtual Private Server (VPS), we publish free, high encryption, validated SSL Certificates, in order to protect and secure HostName and Linux services (mail service, ftp service, and others), as well as for the Control Panel cPanel or Plesk. This means that customers and users of your VPS will not receive any "unsafe" connection messages and transferring e-mail and files can be performed with a 256 bit high encryption.

Primarily, our company provides services through a supported and developed network of resellers and treats companies as partners. Our main priority is to help the economic development of businesses that rely on us. For this reason, our company as a Google Partner, provides free promoting services to companies. For starters, for every VPS created, we provide a free advertising coupon on Google, that is worth of 100 €.

We provide you free cPanel or Plesk Control Panel, as official representatives and agents of the manufacturing companies, as well as many additional tools for managing your VPS. Knowing the needs of hosting resellers, we developed an additional software that mass corrects permissions - ownerships - groups, mechanisms for remote ordering and management of domain names through WHMCS, resellers services hosting and domains, codec converters and many more.

Rendering of services through multiple ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Level 3, Global Crossings, LambdaNet, Deutsche Telekom, DE-CIX and ECIX, ensuring more than a 99.9% rate of network availability.

Everyday we care by protecting the hosting servers from users who exceed the reasonable usage limits of the system resources, such as processing power and memory, ensuring this way consistent quality resources regardless of the time and use of a server in the day.

In order to access the Control Panel and the tools we provide you, your eMail and a secure password are enough since we have created a chained transfer of access data between separate systems to the main Control Services Panel.

For hosting services, we have integrated the use of a powerful Firewall in order to protect your files from any attempt of hacking, such as brute forcing, flood attack, etc.

We care on daily basis for the servers that serve you to have installed the latest software versions, providing maximum security against new types of hacking attacks. Our network engineers have experience in security departments, banking software and ISP. Also as representatives of companies who have developed the software that manages your VPS, we have direct communication access to a higher level technical software support.

By keeping any hosting to our company, you receive free updates whenever we change features, adding free extra space, transfers, processing power, memory etc.

We offer you the option to upgrade your package within the next minutes, as well as transferring a virtual private server to a new server by maintaining your dedicated IP, without any interruption, guaranteeing you that all guests or clients of your web pages will be serviced regardless of their number and movements.

Depending on the number of services that you hold in Angellight, we provide discounts for every category of services. This way we ensure higher profit for your business by reselling our services. Contact us today for more information.