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The Ideal Partner for Your Company

We provide Internet services and software in 12 countries across Europe, America and Japan, through a developed network of resellers, whose support is one of the main priorities of our company . We treat our resellers with respect and consider them as part of our company's family. Depending on the number of a reseller's active services or our company's annual turnover, we are able to provide approachable and competitive prices on the market. By helping our partners to evolve, we evolve ourselves, therefore getting the chance to provide better support and communication to them. Based on our experience within the last ten years and according to the needs of our reseller partners, we provide the most advanced tools. We have developed a private API for most of our services in order to enable the integration of any software to our systems. We have built a software that provides the ability to search and order domain names through your website, hiding our identity at the same time. In particular, you will find mentioned below some of the tools that are provided for the service and the support of our partners.

WHMCS Reseller Gateway

Provide Control Panel to your clients

Following an innovative policy, noecis Ltd has built the angellight Registrar software for domain names resellers, who benefit of WHMCS management software.
angellight Registrar provides the remote management of domain names held within angellight, through your WHMCS, as a Registrar Module tool.

By obtaining and installing our software, you get the following opportunities:

  • Personal high speed WHOIS for every domain ending in .gr, through your WHMCS.
  • All your clients will have Full Management of the domains they have already acquired by your company, through the user control panel that is being provided to them through your WHMCS.
  • Remote registration of domain names through your WHMCS.
  • Renew your domains; this is automatically supported by the settings you have already made at your WHMCS.
  • Request to Transfer a domain name to your company's management, with the ability to send an authorization code attached to your order.
  • Notification of every registration, renewal and transfer order in your Angellight user control panel.
  • View and Edit Contacts of owner, manager, technician and accountant. Available for all domains that support this through their registry.
  • Acquire an Authentication Code of a domain name that you hold in Angellight.
  • Lock and Unlock a domain name; where such option is supported by your registry.
  • Request to Delete or Deactivate the automatic renewal of a domain name.
  • Activate Automatical Payments for registration, renewal and transfer orders from the credit balance you already withhold in your user control panel in Angellight.
  • Correct automatically the date of registration, renewal and payment of your company for a domain automatically with just a click.
  • Remote View of costs, statistics and credit balances in your Angellight user control panel, through your WHMCS.

Quality and Security Features

Our software also provides the following quality and safety features:
  • Connect to Private API, Exclusively Made from Angellight in order to avoid third party connection requests to the API
  • Coded ionCube files that are provided to you, in order to avoid mapping of the required transferred data towards the API, in case of sharing the files with third party.
  • Safe Connectivity to the private API with SSL-Coding of the transferred data.
  • Multileveled Confirmation of your access data in order to prevent unauthorized actions.
  • Reverse Confirmation Requests from our API to your WHMCS, for every changing data action and configuration in the domain names.
  • Multi-tier Confirmation of your IP that prevents IP masking via proxy servers.
  • Detailed Log of Actions and Requests.

DNR Reseller System

Give your customers the ability to order services

For our Domain Names, Hosting Services, SSL Certificates and Software resellers we have developed the DNR resale system, which can be integrated into your website, giving your customers the ability to search domains, order and pay services to your company. The DNR system conceals our identity and offers additionally domain masking of its URL. The orders can be made and paid directly to your company and once you approve them they will be assigned to angellight for activation. Through the Services Control Panel, you will be able to acquire the following features:

  • Selection of domain extensions and renewal cycles per extension.
  • Choice of cost per extension and per renewal cycle.
  • Options of services, with the ability of adding your own description and designation of service.
  • Setting the data of your company.
  • Control of which title, description and keywords will be available to search engines.
  • Add your company logo and your personal favicon.
  • Change the style of your settings.
  • Set a PayPal account for your orders.
  • Setting your page with information about your bank accounts.
  • Domain Masking to conceal the URL of your personal DNR.
Furthermore, we would like to mention that the resale system has been created and keeps on being modified and developed based on your needs and your requests for additional capabilities.

Affiliate System

recommend us and get sales rates

When you choose and recommend Angellight to others, we reciprocate your trust by granting a commission on sales for every service activated. By promoting us on your website, through a Personal Reference Link, there is a cookie with your partner number assigned to every visitor's computer. In particular, when a visitor returns to our website or even searches and visits us through his Favorite links, you will automatically receive a profit rate after any order or renewal of services made. We also provide HTML code for banners and links that you can add to your website as a reference. Your profit will be available, as soon as it exceeds 30 €, in the form of discount for the services we provide or payment by transfer via PayPal, or by deposit to your bank account.

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