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We have carefully selected and we introduce you to some useful services and tools that will help you develop your business on the internet and increase the number of your clients. We provide promotional packages through our cooperation with Google and services to optimize your search engine ranking position. SEO Services contain among them the optimization of your content and access speed on your web page, the correction of error codes and the development of your social network. For online stores and high security browsing (eg. e-banking), we provide through our cooperation with Comodo, SSL Certificates for connection encryption and third-party validation of your company. For the protection of your data and your local networks, we provide the leading security software, Webroot. And in addition, we provide cPanel, Parallels and CS-Cart software as agents and distributors of the above IT companies.


  1. Webroot provides a full protection software for your computer that consumes the minimum amount of system resources. With an installation of less than 600KB, this software promises minimum disk usage maintaining the databases of any security risks on-line. Through the Control Panel, you can remotely control all of your computers, watch their security status and scan them. With additional tools for browsers, it replaces any insecure password managers and provides full optimization. Available in 3 versions that differ according to their enabled tools. For more information, you can visit the Webroot Comparative Table.

    starting at 35 32 €

SSL Domain Validation

  1. Domain Validated SSL provides high encoding for exchanging data through your website. Your browser's address bar changes indicating any encrypted communication and the additional button that is placed on your website displays the details of the certification server.

    starting at 21 €

SSL Business Validation

  1. This is an ideal encryption solution for sending credit card information or personal information to your business, ensuring at the same time the trust of your website visitors. Comodo will require necessary legal documentation (good-standing certificate, registration certificate, etc) in order to issue your certificate. Your website visitor can confirm your business details by clicking on the certification button that is placed on your website or directly on his address bar.

    starting at 88 €

eMail Signature

  1. With this service you can issue an annual certificate for an email address. The certificate can be issued only for one email address and at the same time it can be installed to personal email services on your computer such as Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc, as well as to an email application on your mobile. The Digital eMail Signature, certifies to your recipients the genuineness and the authenticity of your messages, identifying you as the sender. Certified messages bear an additional symbol of authenticity. The use of a certificate reinforces the validity of a message and it prevents it from being marked as SPAM.

    starting at 15 12 €

SEO Reports

  1. SEO Reports service is the ideal solution for an economical Search Engine Optimization of your website. It includes competition analysis on Google, using 3 keywords/key phrases and produces reports with information and suggestions on changing your website in order to for you to get classified to the top of Google. In addition, it includes suggestion for general actions that will help optimize your ranking position on search engines.
    Creating and sending reports takes place in 3 stages:

    1. By providing us 3 keywords/ key phrases on the basis of which you would like to optimize your search ranking position, we carry out an analysis, we issue reports about the top ranks on search engines and we send them to you.
    2. Once you confirm us that you have implied the suggested changes, we issue a new report and send it again to you.
    3. After 10 to 15 days awaiting on the search ranking results, we repeat the procedure by issuing again a report in order to find information about the results on the action you have taken.

    Although most of our reports are based on your ranking and in comparison to competitor websites on Google, the steps we will suggest you will aim to optimize your ranking position, not only on Google, but on all search engines. The reports issued are exactly of the same type we would produce in order to create SEO on your website.

    starting at 145 116 €

Service Pricelist

Webroot 1 User 3 Users 3 Users Download
AntiVirus 32 €    42 €   
Internet Security Plus 48 €   
Internet Security Complete 68 €   
SSL Certificates (Website Security) 1 Year 2 Years Notes
SSL Domain Validation 21 €    43 €    immediate certification, powerful and named encryption for your website or your mail server
SSL Business Validation 88 €    169 €    Certification and security guarantee that covers up to $ 250,000
Promotion & Advertising Website Services (SES - SEO) One Off Notes
Search Engine Submission 63 €    registration on search engines and web directories
Search Engine Optimization 277 €    improvement of search engine ranking