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Do you provide original system resources or you oversell them?

Angellight provides original Resources in every hosting plan and in shared hosting we place a specific number of accounts per server. Also, we protect the maximum resources per user with specified software.

Many companies, to become more competitive and persuasive, carry out the so called "overselling". Overselling is the sale of unrealistic features and resources, by far more than a server can naturally provide. Overselling started by American hosting companies and was expanded in European countries. Those companies are based on the fact that statistically, users are consuming a specific file size and traffic on average. If a user decides to use limitless storage, then the function of the promised allowance with the real one, leads to a dead end.

In shared hosting, the hosting plans of a sum of users are installed on a server and the resources are divided equally.

  1. How is it possible in servers with many users, to provide them all with limitless storage, traffic and features?
  2. Which Hard Disk Drive or which Hard Disk Drive components can provide limitless storage? And if that was possible which provider will supply “limitless hardware” to cover the “limitless features” of a hosting plan?
Our company is determined to provide its’ services honorably and to users that understand and appreciate real quality.

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