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About the allowed system resources

Each host package in shared hosting of Angellight's network comes with amounts of allowed system resources.

Each host package has access to a specific amount of central processing power and memory in the server its being hosted. The allowed amounts of resources are controlled by security software of the servers to avoid the abuse of resources, from exceeding the limit.

Choosing a host package, an important feature, except the allowed storage and bandwidth, is the amounts of the allowed system resources.

A low storage website but with high amount of traffic, canot be hosted by a small host package like "earth".

WebPages with high resource requirements and with high amount of traffic,  canot  be hosted by shared hosting packages, such as earth, sound and light, but only by mini VPS, VPS or dedicated servers.

The systems that checks and distributes the resources are notifying immediately the users that exceed the allowed resources, via e-Μail and can interrupt automatically a hosting package that is abusing in a degree that could crash the functions of the server.

What the system of resources distribution is trying to achieve, is the protection of up time and the high quality of services for all the hosted packages that are installed in a server.

All the packages of shared hosting are upgradable, without any down time, at any moment, in vps or dedicated server.

For example, a website starts up as a blog and is being hosted in the "earth" seared hosting plan. After a few months and while the traffic has not been much increased, the administrator decides to add a photo gallery which requires more storage space.
He requests the upgrade to "Sound" hosting plan which allows more storage space and higher monthly bandwidth. The website becomes popular and the traffic rises in a way that it doesn't fit on a shared hosting plan.
The administrator, requires the upgrade to a mini vps Angellight. After three months the website becomes so popular that its traffic has raised significantly. The blog posts that are being uploaded, multiply and the administrator decides to add live streaming video and free e-mail accounts support, to the blog users. The administrator requires the upgrade to a dedicated server with the provided services of a back up system.

To simplify the meaning of abusing the allowed resources, we pose a question of what would happen in your personal computer, if you activated simultaneously 10 videos in your desktop. The most possible outcome would be to crash the video playback service and then most probably crash the system. The servers that are being used for hosting in our network can reproduce, without a problem, dozens of videos but not for each user individually.

If more users, on a server, activate simultaneously live streaming or services with high resource requirements, there will be a services crash in the system.

In order to choose the appropriate package for your website, you can discuss your needs and specifications with one of Angellight's representatives, before you place your order.



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