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Using the Strong Password Generator

cPanel provides a helpful tool for generating secure passwords that are difficult for malicious users to guess. You can use this Strong Password Generator by clicking Generate Password anywhere the button is available.

The Password Generator

When the Generate Password button is clicked, the new password will appear in the text box within the pop-up window. A bar graph indicating the “strength” of the password appears below it. The password’s strength is rated with a number between 0 and 100. A strength rating of 100 is recommended, as this indicates that the password is very secure.

If the password in the text box is not suitable, you can create a new one as many times as you like, until you are satisfied with the password.

To generate a new password:
  1. Click the Regenerate button.
  2. Dictate the contents of the new password:
    • You can click the checkboxes on the right to include or leave out uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols.
    • You can specify the length of the password in the Password Length text box.
  3. Click Use Password to use the password you have just generated.
    • To close the Strong Password Generator without using the password displayed, click Cancel or the X in the upper left corner of the window.

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