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Parallels Plesk Control Panel

Parallels Plesk Control Panel is a comprehensive control solution used by leading hosting providers worldwide for shared, virtual, and dedicated hosting.

Developed for professional hosting service providers, Plesk Control Panel is comprehensive server management software designed to install and manage all systems and applications for hosting on a single server. Created to empower growth and allow system administrators to manage up to thousands of virtual hosts on a single machine. Plesk Control Panel eliminates constraints to increasing per server profitability.
Plesk Control Panel provides the optimal solution for service providers to increase revenue and customize their systems to meet the growing needs for self administration by their customers. Plesk Control Panel’s interface is localized into over a dozen languages, and users at different levels can view and work in the system in multiple languages simultaneously.

Multi-Level Control
There are four login levels in Plesk Control Panel with each level having its appropriate roles and responsibilities:

Administrator – The highest individual server level login which enables hosting administrators to quickly and easily set up and manage all system items. Multiple servers can be centrally managed with the Master level login of Plesk Control Panel Expand.
Client/Reseller – Second tier login account where the users are given domain creation rights from the System Administrator. Clients can powerfully administer groups of domains using a single login.
Domain Owner – Third tier for individual domain owner accounts with predetermined permission sets and interfaces for single domain administration.
Mail User – Individual mail account level which enables the user to log in to their own private interface to manage passwords, spam filters, anti-virus settings and more.

Innovative Ease of Use
Plesk Control Panel has an intuitive and attractive interface which is now task oriented and fully customizable with the Plesk Control Panel Desktop feature. Plesk Control Panel comes with many additional skins and even gives users the ability to design custom skins and manage them in the browser-based interface.

Highest Stability
Plesk Control Panel has been specifically designed to be the most stable and secure control panel available. Plesk Control Panel has been proven under fire managing 5 million plus domains globally and can support thousands of accounts per server to maximize profitability. Most Secure
Plesk Control Panel contains new security measures, existing security features have been improved. The software’s redesigned subsystem improves overall system security.
Extensive Platform Support
Plesk Control Panel for UNIX and Windows now have many common features, skins, application packs, language packs and documentation. Operating systems supported are RedHat, SuSE, Fedora Core, FreeBSD, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows.

Plesk Control Panel users will benefit from a new level of integration with other Parallels products, as well as third party applications. The completely customizable “Application Vault” can manage dozens of integrated applications including E-commerce, Chat, and Bulletin Board. Plesk Control Panel can also deliver “pluggable” applications developed by software vendors with its Application Packaging Standard (APS) compliant platform.

Fully Automated
With 100+ recent enhancements the software delivers automated ease of management through features like key auto-update mechanism, auto-component updater, migration manager and a Web-based installation for quick deployment.

For Shared Hosting
Plesk Control Panel’s tiered self-administration and uniform multi-platform design is perfect for the management of a shared hosting environment. The software empowers providers to manage thousands of domains running reliably on highly scalable architecture optimized for the reseller channel. Plesk Control Panel is the solution that meets both simple and complex hosting system configuration needs while allowing complete customization for differentiation while reducing costs.

For Virtual Hosting
Plesk Control Panel delivers management power in a small footprint making it an ideal solution for Virtual Private Server hosting. Using Virtuozzo Containers and Plesk Control Panel, users can deploy templates of Plesk Control Panel systems in seconds while offering the complete isolation of a dedicated server. Drag and Drop entire systems to new servers in seconds with little to no down-time. Plesk Control Panel and Virtuozzo Containers are unsurpassed in their ability to increase ROI and generate revenue for the professional hosting provider.

For Dedicated Hosting
Plesk Control Panel’s RPM installation and modular design allow Dedicated Hosting providers to meet the needs of tech savvy customers. Plesk Control Panel deploys in minutes to quickly provide a high performance solution that is comprehensive yet inexpensive. A complete Software Development Kit (SDK) with multiple backend utilities delivers to service providers and their customers more power to customize their offerings as well as an avenue for easy up-selling and additions.

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