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How is the From address in the Message System determined?

Whenever a new message or ticket is generated, you'll get a notification from the Message System.
The recipient (To) of these notifications is set in the Message System itself. Click the link at the top right of your interface.

However, the From address set in these messages can be set a few ways, depending on from where the message was generated.
1) System notifications, created internally.
- Backup/Restore notifications, updates, attacks, etc..

For these internally generated messages (System Notifications), the From header is determined by:
a) find the creator= value from the user.conf of the given account.
b) if creator=root, assume creator=admin
c) From that creator's user.conf, check the name= value.  If it's set to a value other than their DA username, use that name, else use the "Message System" value.
d) From that same creator's user.conf file, take the email= to assemble: From: name

2) Tickets, Messages, and Replies (human generated)
- the name= and email= value from the user.conf of the sender are used.

3) Fallback, in the event that any required variables are missing or blank:
- name is taken from the msg_sys variable
- email is created by using the DA username, @ the servername (hostname) set in the directadmin.conf.

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