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Sample server IP config file

1) If, for whatever reason, you need to manually rebuild the IP file for your server IP, then add the following code to this file:


where would be replaced with your server IP.

The contents of the file should be something like:


where the "value" would be your best guess at the number of Users on the IP.  The nightly tally will update this value for you, so it doesn't need to be perfect.

Also, if the IP is intented to be "owned", then the status will be "owned" instead of "server", and the value will be the name of the User that owns it.
Your licensed IP must always be the server IP.  A "shared" IP will have the same contents as the "server" IP, except it will have status=shared, and the reseller value will be set to the Reseller that controls the IP.

2) Also ensure this file is chown to "diradmin:diradmin" and chmod to 600.

3) Lastly, ensure that the file:


contains the IP, one IP per line.

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