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How do you achieve high security in your network?

The network of Angellight provides high security through:
  1. Hardware Firewalls for hacking protection
  2. Software Firewalls for spamming protection and password cracking attempts.
  3. The storage in Array RAID 0 SAS that ensure the parallel copy of files to more than one disk.
  4. The use of Operating Software CentOS Linux 64 bit, where the word “virus” is not part of it’s’ dictionary.
  5. File Handlers which block unsecure permissions.
  6. Ability to Fully Backup and additional services of Auto Backup.
  7. 24/7 Server & Network Monitoring from check and notify software from possible spam activities.
  8. Units that Monitor Temperature, Humidity or Dryness of climate, for the storage facilities of the hardware.
  9. Sensors of High Sensitivity and Systems of Automated Extinguish in case of a fire.
  10. Organized Security Team for guarding and protection of the facilities that the data center hosts the hardware.
In other words, we take care with great respect the software and natural hosting of your files.

Angellight is a credible partner for the protection and security of high value data. For more information about this specified services, please contact us.

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