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I send an email through the hosting plan and the receiver obtains it as Junk or SPAM Mail.

If the receiver of your message is using a free mail account, such as Hotmail, Gmail,,,, and more, the main domain of the hosting plan should be added to the safe senders’ database in every server of a free mail service.


The addition, of a safe domain can be achieved in any account of a free email service.


If, for example, you send an email through your account to the free account, while a third user of hotmail with username has add in the past to the safe senders list of hotmail, the user will receive the email in his inbox and not in the junk mails.


If the receiver is using POP3/IMAP e-Μail account, the problem occurs due to the verification of the sender through the DNS zone of the sender’s domain.


Angellight provides additional services to improve your default DNS zone, to secure the correct message receivance by all your targets.


Briefly, we report that this improvement contain changes in the allowed response times of the servers, the addition of SPF Records and the installation of dedicated IP in your hosting plan. For more info on this service, you can contact us.

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