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How can I upload files in my hosting account via FTP?

To upload your files, you have to follow this steps:

Open your FTP program (if you do not have an FTP program you can download Filezilla from the Downloads section of our Help Desk here).

Create a new FTP connection. Using the following info:



Username: myusername

Password: mypassword


Default folder (cPanel): public_html

Default folder (Plesk): httpdocs

Port: 21


Where is the main domain name of your hosting account, myusername and mypassword, are the username and the password for your corresponding hosting account. The files must be copied from your computer in the folder public_html (cPanel) or the folder httpdocs (Plesk), for that reason we choose as Default folder: public_html or httpdocs according to the Control Panel type that we are using.

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