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Change a Logo

To change a logo:
  1. Click Edit Logos. cPanel will display the Edit Logos screen.
    • Logos are located in the upper portion of your cPanel interface. Use the picture on the screen for reference.

  2. Click Browse.
    • The new logo must be named top-logo.png.
    • You may click Reset to return to the default logo.

  3. Select the file from your computer that you would like to use as the new logo.

  4. Click Upload Images.

  5. Your logo will now appear at the top of the Edit Logos screen.
    • Select and drag the logo to the location where you want it to appear.
    • Resize the logo using the handles that appear when you place the cursor over it.
    • The CSS code in the middle of the screen will update accordingly whenever you move the logo. From here, you can cut and paste it into the Edit Style-sheet screen (click the edit link to access this screen).

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