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Edit a branding style

Once you have downloaded the style you would like to edit:
  1. Extract the contents of the file. To accomplish this:
    • If you are using a Windows® machine, you will need to download a program (such as winRAR) to extract the contents of the file. By default, Windows will not handle a .tar.gz file.
    • If you are running a Mac® or *nix machine, you may use the tar -xvzf command from the CLI to extract the contents of the.tar.gz file, or you may simply open it with whatever extraction program you prefer.

  2. Change the files to your liking.
    • PICK Remember: The size of the pictures contained within the .tar.gz file must stay the same to maintain the appearance of the style.
    • PICK Remember: You will need to leave the file names the same, otherwise the server will not know where to place the files in the interface.

  3. Before uploading the files to the server, place them back into a .tar.gz file.
    • On a Windows machine, use the same program you used to extract the contents to replace the new content in a .tar.gz file.
    • On a *nix machine, you may use the tar -cvzf command or compress the contents of the file back into a .tar.gz file with whatever compression software you choose.
Note: For more information on the tar command, consult the man pages by typing man tar into the CLI.

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