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Can I use HTTP authentication with IIS ?

Yes. This procedure was tested with phpMyAdmin 2.6.1, PHP 4.3.9 in ISAPI mode under IIS 5.1.
  1. In your php.ini file, set cgi.rfc2616_headers = 0
  2. In Web Site Properties -> File/Directory Security -> Anonymous Access dialog box, check the Anonymous access checkbox and uncheck any other checkboxes (i.e. uncheck Basic authentication, Integrated Windows authentication, and Digest if it's enabled.) Click OK.
  3. In Custom Errors, select the range of 401;1 through 401;5 and click the Set to Default button.
Note that IIS in combination with auth type HTTP can yield to unpredictable results (like normal users being able to do *anything* inspite of restricted rights if using IE7 as browser). It is recommended to use auth type cookie instead.

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