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Which MySQL versions does phpMyAdmin support ?

All MySQL versions from 3.23.32 till 5.0 (except for 4.1.0 and 4.1.1) are fully supported. Please note that the older your MySQL version is, the more limitations you will have to face. phpMyAdmin may connect to your MySQL server using PHP's classic MySQL extension mysql as well as the improved MySQL extension mysqli that is available in PHP 5.0.

Either way, the developers of both extensions recommend to use the classic extension for MySQL 4.0 and below and mysqli for MySQL 4.1 and newer.

When compiling PHP, we strongly recommend that you manually link the MySQL extension of your choice to a MySQL client library of at least the same minor version since the one that is bundled with some PHP distributions is rather old and might cause problems (see FAQ 1.17a). If your webserver is running on a windows system, you might want to try MySQL's Connector/PHP ( instead of the mysql/mysqli extensions that are bundled with the official PHP Win32 builds.

MySQL 5.1 is not yet supported.

MySQL 5.0 or newer is mandatory.

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