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I cannot upload big dump files (memory, HTTP or timeout problems).

Starting with version phpMyAdmin 2.7.0, the import engine has been re–written and these problems should not occur. If possible, upgrade your phpMyAdmin to the latest version to take advantage of the new import features.

The first thing to read is and check (or ask your host provider to check) the values of file_uploads, upload_max_filesize, memory_limit, upload_tmp_dir, max_input_time and post_max_size in the php.ini configuration file. All of these three settings limit the maximum size of data that can be submitted and handled by PHP. One user also said that post_max_size and memory_limit need to be larger than upload_max_filesize (don't forget to restart your webserver after changes). PhpMyAdmin can handle compressed files very well (if supported by your PHP installation, "gzip" being most reliable, the "zip" dumps sometimes fail on import when originating from a different OS/php version).

There exist several workarounds if your upload is too big or your hosting provider is unwilling to change the settings:

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