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How do I set up the SQL Validator ?

To use it, you need a very recent version of PHP, 4.3.0 recommended, with XML, PCRE and PEAR support. On your system command line, run

pear install Net_Socket Net_URL HTTP_Request Mail_Mime Net_DIME SOAP

to get the necessary PEAR modules for usage.

On a more recent pear version, I had problems with the state of Net_DIME being beta, so this single command

pear -d preferred_state=beta install -a SOAP

installed all the needed modules.

If you use the Validator, you should be aware that any SQL statement you submit will be stored anonymously (database/table/column names, strings, numbers replaced with generic values). The Mimer SQL Validator itself is © 2001 Upright Database Technology. We utilize it as free SOAP service.

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