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Add a record with the Advanced DNS Zone Editor

To add a record:
  1. Select a domain from the drop-down menu.
  2. Type in the Name of the record.
  3. Type the record's time to live in the TTL text box.
    • Time to live specifies how long a particular record should be kept in memory, in seconds, before it should be refreshed.
  4. Select a record type:
    • An A record is the DNS record that is responsible for mapping hostnames to IP addresses. The A record is essential because it allows DNS servers to identify and locate your website and its various services on the Internet. Without an A record, your visitors will not be able to access your website, FTP servers, or email accounts.
    • PICK Remember: cPanel will have configured your DNS records so that visitors will be able to resolve your website and its services (FTP, Email, etc.). A records should only be added when you add a service that is not provided by cPanel or your web host.
    • CNAME record stands for "canonical name record." This record creates an alias, allowing a querying server to continue the DNS lookup under the new name.
    • A TXT record is a text record that contains certain information that will be read by querying servers. These can carry useful data for the SPF or DomainKeys email authentication systems.
  5. Click Add A Record.

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