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Plesk server is running as primary DNS server. How can I setup a secondary (slave) DNS server ?

At first you should allow zone transfer for the secondary DNS server in Plesk. To allow it, secondary DNS server's IP should be listed in NS records for all zones on Plesk server or it should be added to Access Control List (ACL). ACL is be managed on the Server->DNS Settings->Common ACL page in Plesk CP.

In case if you wish to use non Plesk server as slave DNS, all DNS zones have to be created on the secondary DNS server in /etc/named.conf (this file location may be differ depending on OS) with 'slave' type, for example:

zone "" {
type slave;
file "";
masters {; };

Restart named after that. Now slave DNS server will get zones information from Plesk (master DNS server).

If you wish to use Plesk server as Slave DNS server, you have to switch all DNS zones on the Slave Plesk server to 'slave' mode and specify Master nameserver. It can be done by means of "Domains -> DOMAIN NAME -> DNS Settings -> Switch DNS Service Mode". Then add Primary NS address using "Add Record" button.

Also, distributed DNS servers for Plesk domains can be configured with Centralized DNS feature in Plesk Expand. See Expand documentation for more information.

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