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When enable SPF spam protection in server-wide mail preferences, Postfix stops working

It is Parallels Plesk Panel version 9 installed and Postfix MTA used.

When switch on SPF spam protection in server-wide mail preferences {Home -> Mail Server Settings -> Switch on SPF spam protection} all incoming mail is rejected with the following error: {4.3.0 Error: queue file write error}.

Out: 220 ns.plesk.tld ESMTP Postfix
In: HELO me.domain.tld
Out: 250-ns.plesk.tld
In: MAIL FROM: mail@sender.tld
Out: 250 2.1.0 Ok
In: RCPT TO: mail@recipient.tld
Out: 250 2.1.5 Ok
Out: 354 End data with .
Out: 451 4.3.0 Error: queue file write error

According to maillog on Plesk server {$PRODUCT_ROOT_D/var/log/maillog} the process hands on "spf filter" and the message does not even come to mail queue.

Feb 17 05:40:22 plesk before-queue[9125]: found handlers entry = '/usr/local/psa/handlers/before-queue/global/10-spf-kQaKxm'
Feb 17 05:40:22 plesk before-queue[9125]: call_handlers: call executable = '/usr/local/psa/handlers/info/10-spf-kQaKxm/executable'
Feb 17 05:40:22 plesk spf filter[9133]: Starting spf filter...

The problem is caused by not working name servers set in file /etc/resolv.conf.

~# cat /etc/resolv.conf

You may test them with domain name and command time.
The following output is shown if name server does not function:

~# time host -tTXT
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

real 0m10.006s
user 0m0.000s
sys 0m0.010s

The following output is normal:

~# time host -tTXT
Using domain server:
Aliases: has no TXT record

real 0m0.005s
user 0m0.001s
sys 0m0.003s

SPF handler tries to resolve TXT, A and MX records of sender's domain and hits long pause caused by remote servers, while postfix-queue binary has internal timeout value of 30 seconds. Once this timeout value is reached the message is discarded.

To resolve the problem you need to put working name servers to file /etc/resolve.conf on Plesk server.

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