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How do I change Sitebuilder URL in Parallels Plesk Panel ?

On page Sitebuilder System Administrator's preferences in Parallels Plesk Panel {Server -> Sitebuilder Support} for version 8 and {Home -> Sitebuilder Settings} for version 9 Sitebuilder URL is grayed out.

By default Parallels Plesk Panel uses local Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder. The configuration is stored in Plesk database and cannot be changed via GUI.

However you may register new Sitebuilder URL with utility /usr/local/psa/bin/sitebuilder (/opt/psa/bin/sitebuilder for Debian and Ubuntu).

New Sitebuilder host can be set via Plesk utility sitebuilder with the following command:
$PRODUCT_ROOT_D/bin/sitebuilder --set http://sitebuilder_host/ServiceFacade/ -force

You can also check all available options with '--help' command:
$PRODUCT_ROOT_D/bin/sitebuilder --help

Available commands:
--set or -s Set remote url to Sitebuilder API like
--get or -g Get url to sitebuilder server
--help or -h Help page

Available options:
-force apply this option when set new sitebuilder but Plesk have already some mapping for current sitebuilder

Where $PRODUCT_ROOT_D - Plesk product installation directory, it is specified in file /etc/psa/psa.conf.

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