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How does Plesk generate SOA-Record for DNS zones ?

Parallels Plesk Panel (hereafter Plesk) generates SOA records the following way:

- TTL, Refresh, Expire and other records are set to values specified in Server -> DNS -> SOA Preferences page in Plesk interface.

- serial number is set to 'seconds since Epoch', i.e. since 01.01.1970. In further Plesk versions manual SOA changing is planned.

- authoritative name server is set equal to the first NS record, i.e. if you add name servers NS NS

then it will look as "@ IN SOA ..." in zone file.

- authoritative contact is set to Client e-mail, can be configured on from Client -> Edit page.

If your second external name server is set in SOA as authoritative, try to delete name servers from DNS template and add them anew in correct order. Name server which will be added first as NS, will be used in SOA.

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