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How to convert backup from older version of Parallels Plesk Plesk to version 9

Parallels Plesk Panel Backup/Restore functionality was redesigned in Plesk 9 version. Prior restoration data with use of an old backup file it is necessary to convert the backup file to the new format.

To convert backup to format 9 you need to login to Parallels Plesk Panel server as administrator (for Windows) or root (for Unix/Linux) and use Plesk utilities pre9-backup-convert.exe or pre9-backup-convert accordingly. If you do not have administrative access to the server you need to contact your hosting provider for assistance.


Parallels Plesk Panel Windows supports two versions of backup format.

pre9-backup-convert.exe command line tool is used to convert old Plesk backup files (any version) to the new format version 9.
How to use the tool:

"%plesk_bin%\pre9-backup-convert.exe" --source= --destination=


is full path to the backup file that is going to be converted;
is backup repository where the converted backup is extracted to, it can be changed by Plesk Reconfigurator;

The converted backup is placed to Plesk backup repository and becomes available for restoration in Plesk, Home, Backup Manager.


Parallels Plesk Panel Unix/Linux has different backup format for versions 7.x, 8.x and 9.x.

backup-convert allows backup converting of Plesk version < 8 to version 8.
Refer to the following article for convention instructions:

pre9-backup-convert allows backup converting from Plesk version 8 to 9.
How to use the utility:

~# $PRODUCT_ROOT_D/bin/pre9-backup-convert convert --directory=$DUMP_D


is full path to the backup file that is going to be converted.

It is recommended to extract the converted backup to the backups directory $DUMP_D. Backup extracted to the directory is accessible through Home -> Backup Manager -> Server Repository and available for restoration.

To convert backup created with Parallels Plesk Panel <=7 you should convert it to version 8 with backup-convert first and then convert to version 9 with pre9-backup-convert.

To convert splitted backup to version 9 you should merge the parts together first and then put single backup file in input.

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