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The mysql version displays a different version in phpinfo that what is installed on the server.

The API version you see in phpinfo is the builtin mysql api included in php. If the buildapache application used the ibraries and headers of mysql installed on the server itself, apache would not be able to work if the mysql version was hanged. Since mysql rpms are updated in cpanel whenever redhat releases updates, this could automatically break thousands of servers in a matter of a few hours, hence apache and php will always be built with the -builtin option.

I see ERROR at line 2: Unknown command '\_'. when I list mysql databases. You are running mysql version 4.0.12 which has a bug that causes this error. Upgrading to a later version should resolve the problem.

Run the following:
  1. /scripts/updatenow
  2. The second step depends on what operating system your server is running.
    • In Linux: /scripts/sysup
    • In FreeBSD: /scripts/fixmysqlbsd

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