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How do I restart a daemon ?

Most of the services can be restarted from WHM; however, you may need to restart them from the shell. You must be logged in as root to do this. All standard Linux services, such as HTTP, FTP, exim, cPanel/WHM, Interchange, MySQL, etc, have init scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d/

root@host [~]# ls /etc/rc.d/init.d/
./ atd* exim* httpd.tmpeditlib kdcrotate* named* nscd* rawdevices* snmpd* yppasswdd*
../ autofs* filelimits* identd* keytable* netfs* portmap* rstatd* sshd* ypserv*
anacron* bandmin* functions* ipaliases* killall* network* portsentry* rusersd* syslog* ypxfrd*
antirelayd* chkservd* gpm* ipchains* kudzu* nfs* proftpd* rwalld* xfs*
apmd* cpanel3* halt* iptables* lpd* nfslock* radvd* rwhod* xinetd*
arpwatch* crond* httpd@ isdn* mysql* nofsck* random* single* ypbind*

This is typical of what you will find in this directory. The main ones you should be concerned with are: Using these scripts is very easy. Let's say that named/BIND is down and we need to restart it. As root, type: You should see it start up, with a green [OK] message on the left side of the shell/terminal window. If you see a red [FAILED] message, check the message log. You should be able to see the error. If you cannot fix it yourself, contact tech support. Some of these services have more options than just "start" and "stop," and other ways to do them. Let's say you have a lot of domains using your DNS server and you don't want to stop and restart named just because you edited one domain. Type: If you make a minor change to the /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf, but don't want to restart it, type: If you want to learn more about the commands a script offers, you can simply run the script without passing any arguments to it. root@saturn [~]# /etc/rc.d/init.d/cpanel3
Usage: /etc/rc.d/init.d/cpanel3 {start|stop|status|restart} This lets us know we can start, stop, check the running status of the service(s), or restart it. If you can't get a service to start, and don't know how to fix it, contact tech support for assistance.

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