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How to lower your TTL just before an IP change

New Way

As of DA 1.37.0, a User can edit their TTL value via:
User Level -> DNS Management -> TTL (bottom)

so the guide below isn't required if the above method is used.

It's also been added to the Admin Level -> DNS Admin for 1.41.2:

Global method

This method will only work if you temporarily disable per-record ttl values by setting dns_ttl=0 in the directadmin.conf and restarting DA. You can turn it back on after you're done.  Note that this method sets all records in all zones to the same TTL value.

Also set your desired default ttl in the directadmin.conf and restart directadmin.

Once both dns_ttl=0 and default_ttl=300 are set, just issue the named rewrite:

cd /usr/local/directadmin
echo "action=rewrite&value=named" >> data/task.queue; ./dataskq d2000

Once done, you can set your dns_ttl=1 and default_ttl=14400 again, and restart directadmin.

Old Way

Note: This method will not have an effect if dns_ttl=1 is active, and even with it disabled, you can just set the desired default_ttl= value in the directadmin.conf, as the template no longer stores any numbers (uses `DEFAULT_TTL` token instead)

When changing the IP of a domain, end users will have the old IP of the domain cached at their ISP's nameservers for a duration of the TTL (time to live).  The default value is 14400 seconds (4 hours).  This means, that when you change the IP of the sever, the worst case, is the end users will be using the wrong IP for 4 hours before the cache expires and the IP is recached with the correct value.

The simple way to minimize this propagation error is to lower the TTL.   We'll change the TTL from 14400 to 100 seconds for all domains on your system (assuming server move).  Run the following:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates
perl -pi -e 's/14400/100/' named.db
echo "action=rewrite&value=named" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

Wait about a minute or 2.  Check your /var/named/*.db files.. the TTL should now be 100 instead of 14400.  Once complete, do the same thing, but replace 100 with 14400 and 14400 with 100 in the perl command.

If you are running the for just one domain, then run the perl command in /var/named/, instead of the named.db file and restart named.

In both cases, you'll want to do this at least 4 hours before you actually do the IP change so that all cached values are stored for no more than 100 seconds.  The nameservers will then query for the new IP every 100 seconds (instead of 4 hours), giving the end user the new IP much quicker.

*** Note: On Debian systems, replace /var/named with /etc/bind.
On FreeBSD systems, replace /var/named with /etc/namedb.

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