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I want a 2nd shared certificate on a 2nd shared IP

There might be some cases where you'd want 2 IPs, both with their own shared certificates (eg: each has it's own wildcard certificate, or you might have 2 different hosting companies).
This can be done for apache, but requires a few manual changes to things.

I'll refer to the 2nd IP, which will be the IP we're manually going to share among many Resellers (contrary to the default behavior DA allows)
We'll call it

1) The 2nd IP must be "shared".. so that people can use it.  Set this at Reseller Level -> IP manager for which ever account controls the IP (eg: "admin")

2) For any Reseller (or just admin) that needs to have access to it, to give out to Users, it needs to be in:


eg: replace resellername with admin.. or the name of the Reseller, etc.
It's only really an issue if you have multiple Resellers/Admins.

3) The template (imporant part) is where we manually set it to use the other certificate.

cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom
cp ../ips_virtual_host.conf .

edit the custom/ips_virtual_host.conf file.

Find this line (the SSL VH on 443)):

and immediately above it, add the code:

|*if IP=""|

Which controls the automatic adding of VHs to (don't edit this file directly):


which are the first VHs for the IP.. thus control which certificate is used. (somewhat related explanation)

4) You might need to do the same thing for the virtual_host2_secure.conf and virtual_host2_secure_sub.conf... but in theory, shouldn't be needed (but might be a good idea, as the VH's cert wouldn't match the 2nd IP cert)

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