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Apache restarts after the nightly tally (SIGTERM)

After the nightly tally runs, the dataskq will issue a full restart to apache to both re-open logs and reload configs in case accoutns have been suspended/unsuspend (new VH's or changes to SSL needs a full restart)

If you don't wish to have this restart, there are a few options:
1) Shut off the post-tally restart:

2) Use the to take some special action that you want (note, it's called just before the apache restart, as the restart is sent to the task.queue to be processed in the next minute/dataskq run)

3) Change apache to do a graceful restart, which should be sufficient for all cases (new VH's, SSL, etc.), but is better in the sense that it won't knock off current connections/downloads, and you won't notice any downtime:

In general, the graceful restart method (#3) is going to be your simplest choice.

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