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How do I add an additional IP to a domain using the multi-IP system?

With DirectAdmin 1.37.0 and newer, the multi-IP system allows for multiple IPs to be assigned to a User.  This lets the User have unique IPs for each domain they may have on their account (or for multips IPs per domain, useful for IPv6)

Note that this guide is only to add additional IPs to a User account, giving the User multiple IPs (owned or shared).
If you're looking to just change the IP of a User to an owned IP, use this guide.

This is also useful for having multiple domains with SSL under one User account.  This is because a domain requires a unique owned IP in order to use an ssl certificate.  With the multi-IP system, this can be accomplished all under the same User account.

*** Note *** : when upgrading from 1.36.2 (or older) to 1.37.0 (or newer), in order to use the multi-IP system, you must enable the unified ftp password file option, or else the multi-IP system will be diisabled.

To assign a domain it's own IP using the multi-IP system (where the User account already has another IP for other domains), do the following:

1) Ensure the Creator of the User has an IP avaiable.  Go to:
Reseller Level -> IP Management

If you're assigning an ssl certificate, ensure you see an IP with status "free".
If you're assigning an additional IP to a User and plan on sharing this new IP with other Users as well, it must be set as "shared" (select the IP, click "set as shared").  Only a free IP can become shared. If it's owned, you must remove it from the User who owns it.

Once your IP is setup as desired, skip to step 3.  If it's not in the list, go to step 2.

2) If you do not see the IP in the list, you'll need to assign one to the Reseller.
To do this, go to:
Admin Level -> IP Management

select an IP that is not assigned to any Reseller, then click the "Assign To" button, with the relevant Reseller selected.

3) At this step, we assume the the Reseller has the additional IP available.  To assign this additional IP to the User to use, go to:
Reseller Level -> List Users -> username -> Modify User username

In the row that says "Add Additional IP", select the IP and click "save".  A free IP will not have the word "Shared" beside it.

After this point, the IP will now be assigned to the User, ready for them to use.

4) From here, the User must then assign it to their domain.  To do this, login as the User and go to:
User Level -> Domain Setup ->

at the bottom of the page, you'll see "Add another IP to".  Select your new IP, and click "Add IP".
If needed, remove the other IP from the domain's IP list.

Note that it's normal that you'll see the apache page or the shared IP page in place of the domain for up to 4 hours.
This will be due to DNS propgation

One trick to remove the issue with propagation is to remove the old IP from the domain, but then temporarily re-add it to the domain *without* the option "Add dns records for this IP" enabled.  What this will do is add the old IP into the apache configs (to handle the old cached IP), but will not have it in the dns, so once the old IP expires from the dns cache (at your ISP's nameservers), only the new IP will remain.  After about a day, you can remove the old IP again so it's not in the configs.

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