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How to run DirectAdmin in debug mode

If, for whatever reason, you need more information regarding what DirectAdmin is doing, you can run DirectAdmin in debug mode in order to get more output.  There are many levels of debug, the higher level, the more info you'll get.  Usually, running level 2000 is enough to give you most info.   Anything higher is more for specific code debugging, so isn't usually needed.

To run DA in debug mode, type the following in bold:

[root@server]# cd /usr/local/directadmin
[root@server]# killall -9 directadmin
[root@server]# ./directadmin b2000
Debug set to level 2000
DirectAdmin 1.54.1
Accepting Connections on port 2222

You should get something similar to the above code.

Now, when you make connections to DA, the actions you run, requests you make will be displayed here.

If you're trying to debug an API script, a handy way to filter the output to just what you want (the get/post data) is to start up DA with the following:

[root@server]# ./directadmin b2000 | grep string

which would then only show you the posted data, and not the other debug information.

To quit this mode, press ctrl-c, then type:

./directadmin d

which will load up DirectAdmin back in it's default "daemon" mode.

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