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How to add a new dns record to all existing domains and pointer zones

This guide contains a script which goes through all domains and domain pointers, and will add a new A record with a specific value you want, using that User's existing IP address.

Replace mynewrecord with the value that you want.
Adjust the /var/named path if you're running FreeBSD or Debian.
Don't forget to restart named after running the script.

for u in `ls $DATAU`; do
      IP=`grep ip= $DATAU/$u/user.conf | cut -d= -f2`
      for d in `cat $DATAU/$u/domains.list $DATAU/$u/domains/*.pointers 2>/dev/null | cut -d= -f1`; do
            echo "adding new record with IP $IP to $d";
            echo "mynewrecord   14400    IN   A   $IP" >> /var/named/${d}.db
exit 0;

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