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Proftpd won't start

There are several reason why proftpd might not start.

1) Make sure that it's installed. (RedHat only)
You should be able to run

rpm -q proftpd

on RedHat and it should show you the current version.  If it says that proftpd is not installed, then you must install it.

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts

Watch for errors.

One common problem is another conflicting ftp daemon.  Remove the other ftp daemon

rpm -e --nodeps other-ftp

and then run ./ again.

2) Ensure IP's are setup correctly
a) make sure that the server ip is setup with the hostname in the /etc/hosts file.
b) make sure that the server ip is *not* in the /etc/proftpd.vhosts.conf as a VirtualHost

Once you've got it setup and installed restart it by running:


service proftpd restart


/usr/local/etc/rc.d/proftpd restart

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