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I can't login to DirectAdmin. The login page just refreshes without any errors.

If you're not able to login to DirectAdmin, this is usually caused by one of 2 things.

1) Your partition that stores the DirectAdmin session files is likely full.  The session files are required for saving login information which allows you to login.  To check your partitions, type:

df -h

to check.  The sessions are saved under /usr/local/directadmin/data/sessions, so it's going to either be your / partition or your /usr partition, depending on how your file system is setup.

2) Your IP is changing.  This can happen when your internet provider gives you a rotating IP address.  The most common provider that does this is a satellite internet provider.  DirectAdmin checks the IP of the session for each request, so if your IP changes, you'll get booted to the login page.   To resolve that, you can disable the IP check so that your rotating IP is allowed:

3) You're using a wrong password.  Try resetting the password via ssh as root:

passwd username

where username is replaced by the account name you're using to login, eg: admin.

4) Other less common reasons:
- Make sure your browser supports cookies and they're not being filtered out.
- DirectAdmin needs to be restarted if it was just updated
- You've got binaries for a different operating system
- your "usersdir" setting in your directadmin.conf is blank or broken.  Type the following, you should get a similar output:

[root@server]# /usr/local/directadmin/directadmin c | grep usersdir

5) The system clock or the client clock might be out of sync.  All clocks must be accurate, or the session cookies may expire prematurely.

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