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Restoring a System Backup file

The sysbk program does not come with an automated restore tool (If you want automation, use the Reseller Level -> Manage User Backups, or Admin Level -> Admin Level Backup).

System Backups are stored into custom paths that the admin can specify.
An example:

where the numbers represent the date of that backup under the /backup folder.

If (for example) you want to restore your /etc/virtual directory, you'd type:

cd /etc
tar xvzfp /backup/07-30-04/custom/etc/virtual.tar.gz

A list of files/directories used by DirectAdmin:

Be careful with the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/group, etc.. files.  Test out your login/lougout of ssh with another window before logging out, after replacing those files to ensure your login still works.

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